DALL·E 2 – AI Image Generation Tool Review


Are you in search of a tool that can assist you in generating captivating visuals? Look no further, DALL·E 2 is here to help!

This AI-based image generator produces unique images based on text-to-graphics prompts. It’s perfect for designers, artists, content creators, researchers, and businesses alike.

Get to know DALL·E 2 through this comprehensive review, exploring its features, use cases, pricing, and FAQs.

Key Takeaways

  • DALL-E 2 is an AI image generator and the successor to DALL-E, released by OpenAI in 2021.
  • It is suitable for hobbyists, artists, and digital marketers, providing visual concepts and inspiration for artwork, storyboards, character designs, and marketing materials.
  • DALL-E 2’s main feature is generating images based on prompts, allowing users to add as much detail as possible for optimal results.
  • It performs well with prompts that have little to no specificity, excelling at generating general artwork with vibrant and realistic images.

What is DALL·E 2?

You may have heard of the AI image generation tool DALL·E 2.

Developed by OpenAI, this tool uses deep learning and natural language processing to generate unique images based on text-to-graphics prompts.

It operates as a neural network, bridging the gap between text and visual art.

DALL·E 2 offers enhanced resolution (4x greater than its predecessor DALL·E 1), image variation with multiple interpretations, image editing with natural language captions, and safety protocols to prevent inappropriate content.

It’s suitable for designers, artists, content creators, researchers, and businesses.

DALL·E 2 pricing is based on image resolution, with $0.020 per image for 1024×1024 resolution and $5 free credit for new users.

Key Features of DALL·E 2

Continuing the discussion of DALL·E 2, its key features are:

  • Enhanced resolution: DALL·E 2 offers 4x greater resolution than its predecessor, DALL·E 1. This allows for higher quality and more detailed images.
  • Image generation from text descriptions: Users can input text descriptions, and DALL·E 2 will generate corresponding images based on those descriptions. This feature is particularly useful for designers, artists, and content creators.
  • Image editing with natural language captions: DALL·E 2 can modify existing images using natural language captions. This allows for easy and intuitive image editing without the need for complex software.
  • Image variation with multiple interpretations: Users can generate multiple versions of a single image, providing flexibility and allowing for different interpretations of the same concept or idea.
  • Safety protocols: DALL·E 2 has safety protocols in place to prevent the generation of inappropriate or offensive content. This ensures that users can trust the tool and use it without any concerns.

Who is DALL·E 2 Best For?

With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, DALL·E 2 is ideal for designers, artists, content creators, researchers, and businesses looking to create unique visuals.

It allows them to quickly and easily generate high-quality images from text descriptions.

The AI-driven image editor offers natural language captions and image variations for an enhanced experience. Its safety protocols prevent inappropriate content and offer peace of mind.

DALL·E 2’s flexible pricing is based on image resolution, making it accessible to everyone. It’s an ideal tool for creating stunning visuals with minimal effort.

Use Cases for DALL·E 2

DALL·E 2 can be used by a wide range of professionals and organizations in various industries. Designers can leverage the power of AI to access groundbreaking designs from AI-driven sources.

Artists can utilize DALL·E 2 to generate unique and creative expressions that push the boundaries of traditional art.

Content creators can elevate their content by incorporating visuals created by DALL·E 2. Researchers can explore and experiment with AI capabilities, pushing the limits of what is possible.

Businesses can enhance their digital presence and engage their audiences with visually stunning and innovative content created by DALL·E 2.

With its multiple interpretation capabilities, image editing features, and varying resolutions, DALL·E 2 offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for visual creation.


One of the major advantages of DALL·E 2 is its ability to generate visuals from text descriptions, allowing users to create unique and creative expressions with ease.

It uses deep learning and training from extensive datasets to turn text instructions into images.

It has an image editor and AI-based editing capabilities. It also has an intuitive GUI and API, making it easy to use for image production.

It offers safety protocols to prevent inappropriate content. DALL·E 2 offers four variations per image generation request, with a higher resolution than its predecessor.

Its pricing is also flexible, making it a cost-effective option for businesses.

  • DALL·E 2 generates visuals from text.
  • Uses deep learning and large datasets.
  • Features image editor and AI-editing.
  • Intuitive GUI and API for ease.
  • Implements safety against inappropriate content.
  • Provides four image variations per request.
  • Offers flexible, cost-effective pricing.


However, DALL·E 2 has some limitations, such as its dependence on the data it’s trained on and its inability to generate perfect images every time.

While it strives to produce images that fit the user’s prompt, the results may still fall short.

The tool is still in its infancy, so there may be bugs or glitches. Since the images are generated by an AI, there’s a risk of inappropriate content.

Although OpenAI has implemented safety protocols, there’s still a chance that inappropriate images may be produced.

  • Depends on the data it’s trained.
  • Cannot always generate perfect images.
  • Struggles to match user’s prompt perfectly.
  • The tool may contain bugs or glitches.
  • Risk of generating inappropriate content.

Alternatives to DALL·E 2

For those looking for alternatives to DALL·E 2, there are several AI-powered art generators available.

Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are two popular options. Both have intuitive interfaces and offer extensive customization options.

Midjourney is Discord-based and allows users to specify parameters like aspect ratio, chaos, negative prompting, quality, and style.

Stable Diffusion offers image editing tools and users can adjust color, contrast, and brightness.

However, DALL·E 2 offers four variations per image generation request, making it a better choice for those who need variety. It also has an image editor and is trained on 12 billion parameters.

Final Verdict

Overall, DALL·E 2 is an effective AI image generator that produces high-quality images with realistic detail.

It offers advanced features like image editing and canvas expansion, plus its intuitive GUI and API make it easy to use.

Its pricing is higher than competitors, but its extensive training and additional features make the cost worth it.

For those looking for creative visuals, DALL·E 2 is a great choice. It’s great for hobbyists, artists, and digital marketers alike.

It may have some limitations due to its infancy, but overall it’s a great tool for generating unique images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Modify Existing Images With Dall·E 2?

Yes, you can modify existing images with DALL·E 2. It offers natural language captions to edit images, allowing you to create unique visuals.

Does Dall·E 2 Offer Free Trials?

Yes, DALL·E 2 offers a free credit of $5 for new users valid for three months.

Is Dall·E 2 Safe to Use?

Yes, DALL·E 2 is safe to use. It features safety protocols to prevent inappropriate content being generated. New users also receive a free credit valid for three months.

What Is the Highest Resolution Offered by Dall·E 2?

The highest resolution offered by DALL·E 2 is 1024×1024. You can get this resolution for $0.020 per image.

Does Dall·E 2 Generate Multiple Versions of a Single Image?

Yes, DALL·E 2 can generate multiple variations of a single image. It offers four outputs that cover different use-cases and can be edited with natural language captions.

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