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In this review, you’ll discover how Drift can transform your messaging and marketing strategies. Let’s explore if it’s the perfect match for your business.

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Key Takeaways

  • Drift offers a complete live chat solution for support teams and provides chatbots for conversion-oriented interactions.
  • Drift’s chatbot creation tool includes a visual flow generator, allowing users to create logical sequences and conclusions for their chatbots.
  • Drift allows the capture of email addresses, phone numbers, and customer support tickets through chatbots.
  • Drift lacks features like audio, video, and galleries to enrich conversations, but offers landing pages with discussion widgets for lead generation.

What is Drift?

Drift is a powerful conversational marketing platform that you can use to engage with your customers, capture leads, and accelerate revenue through live chat and chatbot features.

It’s a versatile tool well-equipped to handle your customer interactions, enabling you to offer live support, capture customer data, provide personalized responses, and more.

With Drift’s intelligent chatbots, you can easily convert your website visitors into leads. These bots are designed to qualify leads, book meetings, and more, all while you’re away.

Drift also provides a platform for creating targeted email and chat sequences, allowing you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Key Features of Drift

You’ll find that Drift’s key features are designed to elevate your marketing efforts and enhance customer interactions.

Chatbots and live chat solutions allow for real-time, personalized interactions with your prospects.

You can design your chatbot conversations using a visual flow generator, capturing valuable customer information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

The platform also integrates with Marketo or Salesforce, allowing data extraction for personalized content and segmented prospect lists.

Playbooks enable targeted multi-channel engagement, with detailed performance metrics.

Drift Intel identifies companies from user IP addresses, further enriching your customer knowledge base.

Drift provides comprehensive reporting, giving you insights into chatbot performance, team efficiency, and conversation details.

All these features work together, providing a powerful tool to enhance your marketing strategy.

Who is Drift Best For?

Considering the comprehensive features and tools offered by this platform, it’s clear that businesses aiming to enhance their marketing and sales strategies through personalized, real-time customer interactions would find Drift particularly beneficial.

Whether you’re a small business looking to increase lead generation or a large corporation seeking to improve customer service, Drift can be a game-changer.

Its chatbot creation tools, playbook performance metrics, and customer data extraction abilities make it a powerful resource for marketing teams.

Its integration capabilities with other systems like Salesforce and Marketo add value for sales and customer support teams.

Use Cases for Drift

With the robust functionalities Drift offers, you can leverage it in various ways to streamline and optimize your business operations.

For instance, you could use Drift’s live chat feature to provide real-time customer service, resolving issues promptly and improving customer satisfaction.

Alternatively, you could harness the power of Drift’s intelligent chatbots to engage with website visitors, guiding them through the sales funnel and capturing valuable lead information.

Drift’s playbooks can be employed to automate targeted marketing campaigns, freeing up your team’s time to focus on other tasks.

With Drift’s rich data extraction tools, you can gather insightful customer data to personalize your marketing efforts, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.


Now, let’s delve into the advantages of using Drift in your business operations.

First off, Drift offers a complete live chat solution that’s pivotal in providing real-time support to your clients.

The platform’s chatbot feature is conversion-oriented, helping you engage prospects and turn them into buyers.

With a visual flow generator, you can create logical sequences for your chatbots, making interactions more intuitive and satisfying for your customers.

Drift also allows you to capture vital information like email addresses and customer support tickets, ensuring you never miss a beat in customer engagement.

The platform’s playbook feature aids in improving engagement by providing detailed performance metrics.

Drift’s robust reporting tool makes analyzing your marketing efforts a breeze.

  • Drift provides real-time client support.
  • Chatbot feature enhances customer conversion.
  • Visual flow generator for intuitive interactions.
  • Captures vital customer information efficiently.
  • Playbook feature improves customer engagement.
  • Detailed performance metrics are provided.
  • Robust reporting tool for marketing analysis.


Despite its impressive features, you might find it disappointing that Drift has limited options for media enhancement in conversations, lacking features like audio, video, and galleries.

This can lead to less engaging interactions for your customers.

Another significant downside is the lack of transparency in pricing. Drift’s pricing plans are only available upon request, which could pose as an inconvenience for many.

The platform also lacks the feature of understanding user intent, which can result in less personalized and effective conversations.

Drift offers fewer native integrations compared to some competitors.

While it does integrate with popular tools like Salesforce and Zapier, the lack of extensive integration could limit your workflow flexibility and efficiency.

These are some areas where Drift could improve upon.

  • Drift lacks features like audio, video, galleries.
  • Pricing plans are not transparent.
  • No feature for understanding user intent.
  • Personalized conversations are limited.
  • Drift offers fewer native integrations.

Alternatives to Drift

If you’re exploring alternatives to Drift, there are several other conversational marketing platforms that you might want to consider.

For instance, Intercom is a well-known player in this space, offering robust live chat features, targeted messaging, and an integrated help center.

Another option is HubSpot, which boasts a free live chat tool integrated with their CRM and marketing tools.

LiveChat is another worthy contender, known for its exceptional customer service features and ease of use.

Zendesk Chat, with its advanced analytics and proactive chat features, is also a solid choice. offers a free solution with paid add-ons for businesses on a budget.

Each of these platforms have their unique strengths, so it’s crucial to identify your business needs first.

Final Verdict

In light of all the features and benefits, you’ll find that Drift stands out as a powerful conversational marketing platform for your business.

Its innovative tools, from chatbots to conversion-oriented interactions, help you engage with your customers effectively.

Despite limitations like lack of multimedia support, Drift’s strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. It’s not just a tool, but a partner that helps streamline your marketing efforts.

It might lack a few frills, but its core functions are robust and reliable.

Coupled with its seamless integrations and extensive support, navigating through Drift’s system is a breeze.

Remember, the most expensive solution isn’t always the best one. Drift offers value for your money and is a worthy investment for any business aiming to enhance their customer engagement game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Customer Support Does Drift Offer?

Drift offers you extensive customer support. You can access self-help resources like documentation, videos, and webinars. They also provide email and live chat support, ensuring you have help whenever you need it.

How Does Drift Perform Compared to Its Competitors in the Market?

You’ll find that Drift stands strong among its competitors. While it may lack a few features, its advanced chatbots, quality lead generation, and customer engagement tools often outperform similar platforms on the market.

Can Drift Integrate With Other CRM Systems Apart From Salesforce?

Yes, apart from Salesforce, Drift can integrate with other CRM systems. It’s not limited to just one. With Zapier, you’re able to connect Drift to over 3,000 other applications independently.

What Is the Process to Create Chatbots Using Drift’s Visual Flow Generator?

You start creating chatbots in Drift by using their visual flow generator. You’ll add elements, set up logical sequences, and customize responses. Testing features enable you to preview performance before your chatbot goes live.

Is There Any Training or Resources Provided by Drift for New Users to Get Started?

Yes, you’re covered. Drift provides ample resources for new users including extensive documentation, videos, webinars for self-learning, and live chat support. You’ll have plenty of assistance to get started smoothly.

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