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Are you struggling to keep up with taking meeting notes?

Jamie is here to help! Jamie is a cutting-edge AI assistant that can capture key points, highlights, and action items during meetings in real-time.

Plus, it ensures data privacy with secure data encryption measures.

Try Jamie now and experience the power of AI-assisted note-taking!

Key Takeaways

  • Jamie is an AI assistant designed to help with taking meeting notes and create intelligent summaries.
  • It works across any meeting software and is audio-based, allowing it to work across all existing software.
  • Jamie has been trained on more than 170 billion parameters, making it the best of its kind.
  • Jamie is flexible, working across 15+ languages and allowing users to adjust the level of depth of the summaries based on their preferences.

What is Jamie?

Meet Jamie, your AI meeting summary assistant.

Jamie is an advanced AI assistant designed to make taking meeting notes super simple.

Developed by remote work experts in Germany, Jamie is one of the most powerful assistants of its kind, with AI models trained on over 170 billion parameters.

What makes Jamie special is its flexibility—it works smoothly with any meeting software and can even be used in physical meeting rooms.

With Jamie, you can get meeting summaries in a snap. It comes with cool features like transcription, collaboration, and secure cloud storage to keep your notes safe.

And when it comes to your data, Jamie takes security and privacy seriously, allowing you full control and the ability to approve summaries before they’re generated.

Jamie is here to help you save time and effortlessly capture the key points from your meetings, all with a simple click.

Key Features of Jamie

Jamie’s note-taking feature is a game-changer. It captures all the crucial points, highlights, and action items during your meetings.

And it’s incredibly smart, recognizing different speakers, accents, and languages with precision.

Worried about where to store all those valuable notes? No need. Jamie comes with secure cloud storage that’s as safe as a vault.

You can even lock up your notes and voice recordings with a password for extra peace of mind.

What’s more, Jamie’s data encryption technology complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring your information stays private and secure.

And if you’re all about convenience, Jamie has you covered there too. It smoothly integrates with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet.

Whether you prefer a browser extension or a downloadable app, Jamie’s got you sorted.

With Jamie as your meeting sidekick, you can be fully present and engaged during your meetings, all while freeing up time and energy for those other important tasks.

Who is Jamie Best For?

With Jamie by your side, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on what truly matters, especially in industries like HR, venture capital, and executive coaching.

Jamie is the ultimate assistant for anyone in need of seamless meeting note-taking and capturing key insights.

Thanks to its AI-powered technology, Jamie can understand even the most complex industry-specific terms and concepts. This means it can generate summaries that are perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Jamie’s audio-focused approach is compatible with all meeting software, offering a range of handy features, including collaboration, transcription, and search capabilities.

Plus, it’s language-friendly, supporting over 15 languages, and ensures enterprise-level data security.

So, whether you’re an HR expert, a venture capitalist, or an executive coach, Jamie’s AI-driven approach and secure data storage are here to make your life easier.

Jamie is the go-to assistant for those seeking to streamline the process of taking meeting notes.

Use Cases for Jamie

Jamie is a lifesaver for professionals looking to save precious time and effort when creating meeting summaries.

For teams and organizations, Jamie serves as a handy tool for swiftly and efficiently sharing meeting insights.

What’s even more fantastic is that Jamie supports multiple languages, making it a valuable asset for multilingual teams or organizations seeking to break down language barriers.

Concerned about data safety? No worries! Jamie’s secure hosting in Frankfurt, Germany guarantees the safety and protection of all your data.

With Jamie in tow, professionals can fully immerse themselves in meetings, knowing that this tool automatically crafts meeting summaries.

Say goodbye to manual note-taking, and free up your time for those truly important tasks.


Your productivity and efficiency will skyrocket with Jamie’s AI assistant for meeting summaries.

Powered by AI models trained on over 170 billion parameters, Jamie is the perfect assistant to streamline the process of taking meeting notes.

It offers features like real-time summaries, transcription, collaboration, secure cloud storage, and data encryption.

You’ll also have full control over the level of detail in summaries, and Jamie even understands industry-specific words and concepts.

What’s more, Jamie is versatile such that it can work across 15+ languages and integrate with popular video conferencing tools.

With Jamie, you’ll save time and effort in creating meeting summaries and have more opportunities to be present and engaged during meetings.

  • AI-powered
  • Streamlines note-taking
  • Customizable
  • Industry-specific
  • Multilingual and integrated
  • Saves time and effort


Jamie is a fantastic AI assistant for meeting notes, but it’s not without its limitations.

First, you’ll need a good internet connection for Jamie to work well. So, if you’re in an area with bad internet, it might not be as useful.

Also, Jamie might struggle to capture conversations in really big meetings. Keep in mind that Jamie won’t give you conclusions or recommendations based on your notes.

Finally, there’s a cost involved in using Jamie, and it might not fit everyone’s budget.

But even with these limitations, Jamie is still a great tool for improving your meeting experience and capturing important points and insights.

  • Internet connection required
  • Can’t capture large-scale meetings as effectively
  • Doesn’t generate conclusions or recommendations
  • Subscription fee

Alternatives to Jamie

You may be wondering what alternatives to Jamie are available. Unfortunately, there aren’t many AI-based assistants that offer the same features as Jamie.

However, there are a few other tools that can help with the task of taking meeting notes.

For example, Tactiq is a Chrome extension engineered to provide real-time transcription of discussions during Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams meetings. is an AI-driven tool that aids users in recording and accurately transcribing meetings and conversations.

Airgram is an AI-enhanced meeting assistant designed to simplify and enhance the meeting process.

Final Verdict

Jamie is a fantastic tool for quickly taking meeting notes and creating summaries.

It’s powered by advanced AI models trained on a vast amount of data, making it capable of providing real-time summaries, language translation, and understanding industry-specific terms.

One of Jamie’s great features is its audio-only approach, which means it works with any meeting software. It takes data privacy seriously and complies with EU regulations.

Jamie is also user-friendly, integrating seamlessly with popular video conferencing tools. You can even customize the level of detail in your summaries.

In short, Jamie is a powerful and efficient tool that simplifies the note-taking process, and it’s highly regarded by industry professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Security Measures Does Jamie Have in Place to Protect Data?

Jamie has secure data encryption, password protection, and data control measures in place to protect your data. You can request changes or deletions at any time.

Is Jamie Compatible With All Video Conferencing Tools?

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Yes, Jamie is compatible with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet. It has a simple installation process and can be used with a browser extension or app. It works across different devices and operating systems.

How Much Does Jamie Cost?

Jamie is available for a trial and starts at 24€/month. Enjoy the convenience of automatic note-taking and summaries with Jamie.

Does Jamie Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Jamie offers a free trial. You can get started quickly and easily, with no commitment. Try Jamie today and see how it can help you take meeting notes and get the most out of your meetings.

How Does Jamie Handle Language Translation and Industry-Specific Words?

Jamie offers language translation and an understanding of industry-specific words. It works with 15+ languages, provides real-time summaries, and captures key points and action items. It even understands deep industry terms and concepts. Try it out with a free trial.

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