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Are you looking for an effortless way to uncover customer needs and desires? JobLens is the perfect tool for you!

Powered by AI, this tool provides finely tailored JTBD recommendations, swift market insights, and progress timelines for innovation.

Stop spending hours on manual analysis – use JobLens now to simplify your Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) research.

Key Takeaways

  • JobLens harnesses the capabilities of AI to generate finely-tailored Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) recommendations within seconds, eliminating the need for extensive surveys or focus groups.
  • JobLens uses AI to extract comprehensive JTBD insights from interview transcripts, providing a holistic view of the Forces of Progress, Job Maps, Aspirations, and Emotional & Social aspects.
  • JobLens allows for swift transition into new JTBD research projects, eliminating weeks of groundwork and providing valuable market insights from the very first customer interview.
  • JobLens generates progress timelines for each JTBD, allowing for the identification of critical touchpoints, customer pain points, and opportunities for innovation and improvement.

What is JobLens?

You can make the most of AI-powered research for understanding customer needs with Joblens, a tool for job searches.

It uses AI to dig into what customers really want, and it can quickly provide customized insights about Jobs to Be Done (JTBD).

Joblens simplifies the research process with the help of GPT-4 and well-crafted prompts.

It suggests JTBD insights based on AI, and it can even pull out important information from interview transcripts. This gives you an edge in your strategy.

Plus, Joblens helps you keep track of the progress of each JTBD with timelines. This makes it easier to understand what customers need over time.

Finally, it offers ready-made templates and structured content, so you can create efficient Jobs to Be Done Canvases without a lot of effort.

Key Features of Joblens

You can use Joblens to make JTBD research easier with AI. Here are its main features:

  1. AI-Powered JTBD Recommendations: Joblens uses AI, specifically GPT-4, to find out what customers need and want. It quickly suggests tailored Jobs to Be Done based on the information you provide. This makes the research process simpler by giving you a range of JTBD options.
  2. Instant JTBD Insights from Interviews: Joblens extracts detailed JTBD insights from interview transcripts and seamlessly moves into new research projects.
  3. Fast Market Insights: Joblens creates progress timelines and detailed canvases within minutes. It also provides ready-made templates and organized content to spark your creativity.
  4. Efficient Jobs to Be Done Canvases: Joblens lets you customize your sources for job information and offers enhanced job search capabilities with the help of AI.

Who is Joblens Best For?

Joblens is designed for professionals who want to make their job search more efficient.

It’s particularly useful for those who want to streamline the process of collecting and analyzing customer feedback to understand what customers really need and want.

With Joblens, you get AI-powered recommendations for Jobs to Be Done, insights from interviews, quick market insights, timelines for tracking innovation progress, and effective tools for understanding job-related tasks.

Professionals can use Joblens to make informed decisions faster and find job opportunities that match their preferences.

In a nutshell, Joblens is the perfect tool for professionals who want to improve their job search process and gain valuable insights along the way.

Use Cases for Joblens

Whether you’re an individual, a business, or an organization, Joblens can boost the efficiency of your job search.

It offers AI-driven JTBD recommendations and can quickly extract customer needs and desires from transcripts, making it easy to understand what people want.

You also get fast market insights that can give you a strategic edge, and progress timelines to track innovation.

You can create effective JTBD canvases in no time, and access product information and features.

With Joblens, you can swiftly review, approve, or adjust insights to make well-informed decisions.

It’s the perfect tool for exploring careers and finding jobs that match your preferences.


Joblens offers AI-powered Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) research that can greatly benefit you. It simplifies the job search process, provides rapid market insights, and helps create efficient JTBD canvases.

With Joblens, you can discover what customers need and want in a matter of seconds.

It generates customized JTBD insights in no time. It’s also quick at extracting valuable information from interview transcripts and creating timelines to track innovation progress.

You’ll get market insights promptly, making it easy to understand customer JTBD in new markets.

  • AI-powered jobs to be done research
  • Streamlined job search process
  • Swift market insights
  • Efficient jobs to be done canvases
  • Quick uncovering of customer needs and desires
  • Generation of finely-tailored Jobs to Be Done
  • Extraction of insights from interview transcripts
  • Creation of progress timelines for innovation in minutes
  • Swift provision of market insights


Despite its numerous benefits, there are still a few downsides to using Joblens for AI-powered Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) research.

Firstly, the platform works best if you have a basic understanding of data and technology. This might pose a challenge for users who aren’t familiar with these concepts.

Finally, while Joblens offers a lot of insights, it might not offer the same level of customization as manual research.

  • Requires a basic understanding of data and technology
  • Can be a barrier to entry for users unfamiliar with the platform
  • Doesn’t offer the same level of customization as manual research

Alternatives to Joblens

Apart from Joblens, there are other AI-powered job search tools available.

  • MatchThatRoleAI: optimizes resumes for career advancement.
  • JobtitlesAI: uses AI with QuickAPI to classify job titles.
  • CareerHub AI: matches users to jobs, estimates salaries, and provides career advice.
  • Job Hunt Mode: provides AI-powered services for efficient job searches and personalized career advice.
  • aiApply: auto-completes job applications and cover letters using speech prompts.

All of these tools offer a free option, and many of them don’t use personal pronouns. They’re great alternatives if you’re looking for a unique job search experience.

Final Verdict

You’ll quickly discover that Joblens is the perfect AI-powered job search tool for your requirements.

It’s both free and user-friendly, offering a variety of features that simplify the job search process and career exploration.

Thanks to its AI-driven capabilities, Joblens can generate highly tailored Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) and market insights in just seconds.

Plus, its progress timelines and canvas tools make it a breeze to identify customer needs and enhance solutions.

In addition to all these advantages, Joblens provides alternatives to traditional job search tools and boasts a community of 175,000 professionals.

Overall, Joblens is your ultimate solution for all your job search and career exploration needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Job Opportunities Does Joblens Offer?

Joblens offers a variety of job opportunities ranging from AI-driven job search tools to AI-powered career tools. It’s a great way to find the right job for you and get the most out of your career.

Does Joblens Offer Any Customization of Its AI-driven JTBD Recommendations?

Yes, Joblens offers customization of its AI-driven JTBD recommendations. Powered by GPT-4 and crafted prompts, it allows for precision customization, enabling you to fine-tune and modify responses. JobLens saves time and resources by creating tailored and data-driven canvases in minutes.

Does Joblens Offer Any Guidance or Advice on How to Use the Platform?

Yes! JobLens provides helpful guidance and advice on how to use the platform. They offer tutorials, tips, and a free weekly newsletter to make sure you get the most out of it. Give it a try and see what it can do for your job search.

What Security Measures Are in Place to Protect User Data?

JobLens guarantees the security of your data by implementing stringent measures such as 256-bit encryption and secure data storage. You can trust us to keep your data safe.

Does JobLens Have Any Additional Resources Available for Users?

Yes! Joblens offers a free weekly newsletter with new tools, tutorials, and exclusive deals. You can also leave reviews using a Google account, and promote your tool through Joblens.

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