LoopCV – AI Job Search Automation Platform Review


You might think that job search platforms are all the same, but LoopCV is here to challenge that perception.

As an AI Job Search Automation Platform, LoopCV brings a unique value proposition to the table – it doesn’t just host job listings, it actively automates your job search and application process, optimizing your CV along the way.

This platform is designed to save you time, minimize stress, and maximize your chances of landing that dream job.

In this review, we will explore how effectively LoopCV delivers on these promises, and whether it stands up to its competition.

Intrigued? Let’s dive in and find out more about this game-changer in job searching.

Key Takeaways

  • LoopCV simplifies and automates job hunting for individual seekers through AI-driven job search and job listing assistance.
  • Users can enjoy streamlined job-seeking in three steps: creating profiles, specifying job preferences, and leveraging AI to find relevant job openings.
  • The platform offers automation features that save time by sending emails, auto-filling form applications, and providing visibility into critical metrics for refining job search approaches.
  • LoopCV provides CV optimization services, transparent pricing plans, and excellent customer support via live chat or ticket system, making it a value-oriented and reputable job search automation platform.

What is LoopCV?

LoopCV is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes your job search process by automating job hunting and application tasks.

It’s your personal assistant, tirelessly scanning job postings and automatically applying to those that fit your criteria.

You just upload your resume, set your job preferences, and let LoopCV do the rest. It’s as simple as that.

But it’s not just about efficiency. LoopCV also increases your chances of landing a job by ensuring you never miss a relevant opening.

It’s ideal for busy professionals, recent graduates, or anyone looking to streamline their job search.

With LoopCV, you also get the peace of mind knowing that your job search is in good hands, even when you’re off the clock.

It’s job hunting made easy.

Key Features of LoopCV

Now that you understand what LoopCV is and how it can streamline your job search, let’s explore the key features that make this platform stand out.

LoopCV uses AI technology to automate your job search. It scans multiple job portals, applies filters based on your preferences, and applies to matching jobs on your behalf.

You can review and approve each application before it’s sent out.

The platform also optimizes your CV and cover letters for each job application, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

LoopCV offers a Kanban board CRM to organize your job search and track applications.

For premium users, LoopCV provides follow-up messaging and consultation calls for personalized support. These unique features make LoopCV a powerful job search tool.

Who is LoopCV Best For?

If you’re an active job seeker looking to streamline your search process, LoopCV could be a game-changer for you.

This platform is also ideal for busy professionals seeking new opportunities but lacking the time to sift through numerous job listings.

If you’re in a field where specific keywords and skills make a significant difference, LoopCV’s CV optimization can provide a real edge.

The automated application process benefits those who apply to multiple positions, saving time and effort.

If you’re an entry-level job seeker or transitioning to a new industry, LoopCV’s intuitive interface and user-friendly features can simplify the daunting job search process.

Use Cases for LoopCV

Given that LoopCV suits a wide range of job seekers, let’s explore some specific scenarios where this platform can truly shine.

Suppose you’re a recent graduate. You’re overwhelmed by the number of job listings and unsure where to start. LoopCV can automate this process, matching you with relevant entry-level positions.

Or maybe you’re a busy professional looking for a career change but struggling to find time to apply. LoopCV’s automatic job application feature can save you valuable time.

What if you’re an international job seeker? LoopCV’s global job search capabilities can help you find opportunities worldwide.

And if you’re unemployed and casting a wide net, LoopCV’s ability to apply to multiple jobs simultaneously can increase your chances of landing a job quickly.


LoopCV offers several standout advantages that could make your job search journey smoother and more efficient.

It uses AI to automate your job search, saving you countless hours of browsing through job listings. You can set your preferences and LoopCV will find, filter, and apply to jobs that match your criteria.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to manage your job applications easily.

LoopCV increases your visibility to potential employers by optimizing your CV and tailoring it to match specific job descriptions.

The platform is also quite affordable, with cost-effective plans that cater to different needs.

On top of it all, LoopCV offers excellent customer support, ensuring a seamless job-hunting experience.

This combination of automation, user-friendliness, enhanced visibility, and affordability makes LoopCV a highly beneficial tool for any job seeker.

  • LoopCV uses AI for automated job search.
  • Set preferences for filtered job applications.
  • User-friendly interface manages applications easily.
  • Optimizes CV to increase employer visibility.
  • Offers cost-effective plans for different needs.
  • Excellent customer support for seamless experience.
  • Highly beneficial tool for job seekers.


While LoopCV has many strengths, it’s not without its drawbacks that may affect your job hunting experience.

One common complaint is that it occasionally sends applications to irrelevant jobs, which may be off-putting to some recruiters.

While its automation feature saves time, the email templates it uses can sometimes come off as robotic, which could potentially harm your chances of landing an interview.

LoopCV’s analytics are fairly basic, and its platform lacks a comprehensive skill assessment feature.

Even though LoopCV offers a free version, you’ll likely need to upgrade to a paid plan to fully utilize all its features.

Despite these shortcomings, many users still find LoopCV a valuable tool in their job search.

  • LoopCV occasionally sends irrelevant applications.
  • Email templates can sometimes come off as robotic.
  • Analytics and skill assessment are basic.
  • Free version offers limited features.

Alternatives to LoopCV

If you’re not completely sold on LoopCV, there are several other job search automation platforms worth considering.

email templates it uses can sometimes come off as robotic

Another alternative is SeekOut. It’s designed to automate your job search, leveraging AI to match your skills and experience with job postings.

Gloat, on the other hand, uses AI to offer personalized career opportunities while maintaining your anonymity.

Finally, there’s Hiretual, which can source and engage the right candidates for recruiters, but can also be used by job seekers to find their ideal job.

Each of these alternatives has its own unique features and benefits, so explore each one to find the best fit for your job search needs.

Final Verdict

After thorough analysis and hands-on experience, here’s our final take on LoopCV as a job search automation platform.

Its AI-driven features, personalized job search packages, and streamlined application process make job hunting a breeze.

While there are minor downsides like the occasional irrelevant job match, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

The task automation, user-friendly interface, and affordability make it a standout platform. The premium features provide additional value, allowing for more visibility and personalized support.

Its unique blend of automation and organization capabilities, along with CV optimization, make it a worthy investment for job seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Support Does Loopcv Offer for Troubleshooting Technical Issues?

LoopCV provides excellent support for troubleshooting technical issues. You’ll have access to 24/7 live chat and email support. They’re quick to resolve issues and answer queries, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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