Splash – AI Music Generator Review


In the silence of your thoughts, the musical symphony of Splash, an AI music generator, can be heard strumming away.

You’re no stranger to the digital world we live in, but this innovative tool might be something you’ve yet to explore.

As a music enthusiast or an artist, the concept of an AI composing music might sound too futuristic to be true. Yet, it’s here, and it’s transforming the way we create music.

Our comprehensive review of Splash will take you on a tour of its capabilities, its pros and cons, and how it’s making waves in the music industry. Eager to know how? Well, let’s tune into the details.

Key Takeaways

  • Splashmusic is a pioneering company in the music industry that integrates generative AI technology.
  • The company’s mission is to empower musicians with accessible and affordable AI tools.
  • Splashmusic offers a free version of their beat-making tool, with ad-free access, and a premium subscription for full features and sound packs.

What is Splash?

Splash is an innovative music creation platform that leverages AI technology to transform how you create, produce, and explore music.

It’s your personal music studio, full of AI-powered features that are designed to streamline and simplify the music-making process.

You can use text prompts to generate custom music and lyrics, or let AI rappers do the singing for you.

The platform also includes a vast collection of sound packs and a beatmaker instrument to help you create the perfect sound.

With Splash, you’re not just creating music; you’re exploring the future of music. And the best part? It’s all right there at your fingertips, ready to be discovered.

Key Features of Splash

Let’s delve into the key features of Splash that set it apart in the realm of AI-powered music creation.

This innovative platform uses advanced AI algorithms to generate custom music based on your text prompts. It’s as simple as typing in text and letting the AI do the rest!

You can customize vocals, choose a music style, and even select the perfect sounds from a vast sound library. Splash also has an intuitive beatmaker instrument for creating unique beats.

The platform generates chord progressions and melodies automatically, making it easier for you to focus on the creative aspects of music production.

User-friendly and efficient, Splash is changing the game in music creation.

Who is Splash Best For?

Whether you’re a budding musician, a seasoned producer, or simply a music enthusiast, Splash’s AI-powered music creation platform can take your music production to the next level.

It’s ideal if you’re looking for a tool to help you generate fresh ideas, create unique tracks or expand your musical horizons.

If you’re a music teacher, this platform can be a great resource for your students to explore music production.

For podcasters and video creators, Splash is perfect for generating original soundtracks. Even businesses can use it to create custom jingles.

Splash is also suitable for anyone who’s curious about the intersection of music and technology. So, if you’re ready to experiment with AI in music, Splash is definitely worth a try.

Use Cases for Splash

From aspiring musicians to professional producers, there are numerous ways you can utilize Splash’s AI-powered music creation platform.

You can use it to create unique soundtracks for your films or YouTube videos, ensuring your content stands out.

If you’re a DJ or music producer, Splash can help you create fresh beats and tunes. As a songwriter, you can use the AI’s text-to-vocals feature to generate custom vocals for your lyrics.

For educators, Splash can be used as a teaching tool, introducing students to the world of AI in music production.

Even businesses can benefit, using Splash to create custom jingles or background music for advertisements.

Splash’s capabilities are as versatile as your creativity allows.


Undeniably, Splashmusic’s AI-powered tools come with a myriad of benefits that revolutionize the music creation process. You’ll find that these tools offer a quick and easy way to create unique music.

With just a few clicks, you can generate custom music and lyrics based on text prompts, saving you time and effort.

The AI algorithms also allow you to customize vocals and choose from a variety of music styles, giving you more control over your creations.

The vast sound library and the intuitive beatmaker instrument further enhance your music production.

Plus, the automatically generated chord progressions and melodies can bring your music to the next level.

You’ll love how Splash has simplified and automated the creative process, making music creation accessible and fun for everyone.

  • Splashmusic’s tools revolutionize music creation.
  • Generate custom music and lyrics easily.
  • AI algorithms allow vocal and style customization.
  • Vast sound library enhances music production.
  • Intuitive beatmaker instrument included for users.
  • Auto-generated chord progressions and melodies.
  • Splash makes music creation accessible and fun.


While Splashmusic’s AI tools have their perks, they also come with a few drawbacks you should consider.

The AI, while innovative, is still in its learning phase. This means it might produce unexpected results at times.

You might find the music it generates to be somewhat offbeat or disjointed. This is because AI doesn’t yet fully understand the nuances that make a piece of music truly great.

Another potential drawback is that using AI could limit your own creativity. You might find yourself relying too much on the AI, which could stifle your own musical intuition.

The music generated by the AI mightn’t be perfect. You’ll likely need to tweak the final output to ensure it’s up to your standard.

  • AI tools could produce unexpected results.
  • AI-generated music might be offbeat.
  • AI doesn’t fully grasp musical nuances.
  • Using AI could stifle creativity.
  • AI-generated music might need tweaks.

Alternatives to Splash

If you’re seeking alternatives to Splashmusic, there’s a variety of other AI music generation tools available in the market.

Amper Music is one such option, offering AI-composed music that caters to your specific needs.

AIVA, on the other hand, is an AI that’s been trained on classical music, perfect for those seeking a more traditional sound.

Amadeus Code is another alternative, boasting a melody generator that’s inspired by hit songs from various genres.

Lastly, Mubert offers a unique platform that creates infinite music streams using AI.

Each of these alternatives offers unique features to meet your music creation needs.

  • Amper Music
  • AIVA
  • Amadeus Code
  • Mubert

Final Verdict

After exploring Splashmusic and its viable alternatives, let’s now give you our final verdict on this AI music generation tool.

Overall, Splashmusic stands out with its intuitive approach to AI-powered music creation.

Its text-driven song creation, AI rappers, and a vast sound library make it a versatile tool for both novices and professionals.

However, like all AI tools, it has its limitations, particularly when it comes to capturing the unpredictability of human creativity.

Despite this, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, making Splashmusic a worthy investment in your musical journey.

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