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You’re here because you need a user-friendly tool to make engaging explainer videos, right?

Let’s introduce you to Toonly, a game-changer in digital marketing. You’ll navigate its simple drag-and-drop interface with ease, crafting professional videos without any prior animation skills.

But is it worth your money?

We’ll delve into Toonly’s features, benefits, and limitations in this detailed review, helping you make an informed decision.

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Key Takeaways

  • Toonly is a drag-and-drop explainer video creator with a focus on animated videos.
  • It was developed by the creators of Doodly and is suitable for various businesses and organizations.
  • Toonly offers easy-to-use features that allow users to create professional videos without hiring an expert.
  • It has an extensive library of images, characters, backgrounds, scenes, and audio tracks, providing users with a wide range of options for their videos.

What is Toonly?

In the world of digital marketing, you’ve likely come across Toonly, a unique tool developed for creating engaging animated explainer videos with ease.

It’s a user-friendly software that lets you design high-quality animations without needing any technical expertise.

You’ve got an extensive library of characters, backgrounds, and audio tracks at your disposal.

You’re not limited to the pre-set scenes and elements; you can upload your own images and audio to make your video truly unique.

Toonly doesn’t restrict your creativity; instead, it offers you the freedom to experiment and design videos that speak to your brand’s identity.

Whether you’re a professional marketer or a small business owner, Toonly can help you make a big impression with minimal effort.

Key Features of Toonly

As you explore Toonly, you’ll discover a wealth of key features designed to make your video creation process smoother and more efficient.

It’s easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that’s perfect for all skill levels.

You’ll find an extensive library of images, characters, and audio tracks to choose from. Your videos will be unique thanks to Toonly’s hand-drawn images.

You can even upload your own image files for a personalized touch. Characters come pre-animated with actions and lip-syncing, enhancing the realism of your animations.

Despite some limitations in customization options, Toonly offers a robust platform for creating engaging and professional animated explainer videos.

It’s a powerful tool for boosting sales, increasing brand engagement, and improving your website’s Google ranking.

Who is Toonly Best For?

Given the versatility of Toonly, it’s a great choice for anyone needing to create engaging explainer videos.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to boost brand engagement, a professor wanting to make lessons more captivating, or a freelancer aiming to impress clients with professional-grade animations, Toonly has you covered.

Its user-friendly interface and rich library of images, characters, and audio tracks make it ideal for beginners.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can use Toonly to convert complicated business concepts into digestible video content. For educators, it’s a tool to transform dry material into engaging lessons.

Essentially, Toonly is best for anyone wanting to leverage the power of animated videos to communicate, educate, or market effectively without having to learn complicated design software.

Use Cases for Toonly

You can put Toonly to work in various scenarios, whether you’re aiming to create an engaging marketing campaign, simplify complex concepts for your students, or impress your clients with professional animations.

If you’re a marketer, Toonly can help you create catchy ads that grab your audience’s attention.

Teachers can use Toonly to explain difficult topics in an easy-to-understand, visual format.

Business owners can use it to create professional presentations or explainer videos demonstrating their products or services.

Freelancers can use Toonly to impress their clients with high-quality animations.

In essence, Toonly’s versatility makes it suitable for any field that benefits from clear, engaging visual communication.


Looking at the advantages, Toonly’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it incredibly user-friendly, letting you effortlessly craft professional-grade explainer videos without any prior technical skills.

You’ll appreciate its extensive library filled with a wide range of images, characters, and audio tracks for your video-making needs.

Another plus is its hand-drawn images, enabling you to create unique, engaging content. Toonly also allows you to import your own image files, adding a personal touch to your projects.

It offers versatility with its compatibility across various devices, and its affordability makes it an excellent choice for businesses on a budget.

With an active support system, including a FAQ page and video tutorials, you’re never left in the dark.

  • Toonly offers user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Extensive library of images, characters, audio.
  • It features hand-drawn images for uniqueness.
  • Allows importing of personal image files.
  • Compatible across various devices.
  • Affordable choice for budget-conscious businesses.
  • Active support system, including tutorials, FAQ.


However, what’re the potential drawbacks you might encounter when using Toonly?

While Toonly’s simplicity is generally a strength, it might limit you if you’re looking for advanced animation features.

Customization options, particularly for characters’ emotions and movements, are quite limited.

Also, there’s no autosave feature in Toonly. If you forget to save your work frequently, you might lose it.

Some users find the lack of video templates limiting. While the extensive library of images and backgrounds is helpful, ready-made templates can quicken the video creation process.

Despite these cons, many still find Toonly a valuable tool.

  • Toonly’s simplicity limits advanced animation.
  • Customization options are quite limited.
  • No autosave feature in Toonly.
  • Lack of video templates in Toonly.

Alternatives to Toonly

Often, you might find yourself searching for alternatives to Toonly that can better suit your specific needs. You’re in luck! Several excellent options are available.

Doodly, for instance, is a great choice if you’re more into whiteboard animations. It’s user-friendly and offers a variety of hand styles and props.

Vyond is another worthwhile alternative, with the ability to create character-driven videos and kinetic typography.

If you’re into 3D animations, you might want to try out Blender. It’s a free tool but has a steeper learning curve.

Lastly, there’s Animaker, which provides an extensive library of templates and characters.

Final Verdict

After weighing all the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Toonly, it’s clear that you’re getting a powerful tool for creating animated explainer videos.

Its user-friendly interface, diverse library, and customizable options make it a valuable asset for marketing or educational purposes.

Despite some limitations, like the lack of free trial and auto-save feature, Toonly outshines many competitors with its unique offerings.

Toonly’s pricing is reasonable, considering its extensive features. Its support system is robust, and the money-back guarantee adds a safety net for new users.

For anyone seeking to create compelling, professional-quality animations without the need for coding or design expertise, Toonly is indeed a worthy investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Toonly’s Animation Quality Compare to Other Explainer Video Creators?

You’ll find Toonly’s animation quality quite high. Compared to other explainer video creators, it delivers smooth, professional-looking animations. However, remember, the final result also depends on your creative skills and understanding of the tool.

Can I Use Toonly on Multiple Devices With a Single Subscription?

Yes, you can use Toonly on multiple devices with a single subscription. It’s a one-time purchase, so you’re allowed to install and use it on several computers without paying extra charges.

How Regularly Does Toonly Update Its Library With New Images and Audio Tracks?

They don’t have a set schedule, but they’re consistently adding new images and audio tracks. Keep an eye on their updates for fresh content.

Does Toonly Offer Any Student or Non-Profit Organization Discounts?

Currently, Toonly doesn’t offer specific discounts for these groups. It’s always best to check their website for any special promotions or changes.

What Is the Average Time It Takes to Create a Video Using Toonly?

You can create a basic video in Toonly within an hour. However, for a more detailed and customized video, it might take a few hours. It all depends on your specific needs and creativity.

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