TrendSpider – AI-Powered Smart Trading Software Review


Do you want to improve your trading skills?

Look no further than TrendSpider – an AI-powered charting and trading software that simplifies and accelerates the process of technical analysis.

With its intuitive interface and automated analysis tools, you can maximize your profits and identify potential trading opportunities quickly and accurately.

Read on to find out more about TrendSpider and its features, benefits, and pricing plans.

Key Takeaways

  • TrendSpider offers excellent analytical and charting tools, making it a comprehensive trading solution.
  • The platform may be challenging for inexperienced traders due to its complex interface.
  • The absence of bond data and direct broker integration are drawbacks of TrendSpider.
  • Advanced features like custom scripting, automated trading bots, and customizable chart patterns are available.

What is TrendSpider?

TrendSpider is a charting platform that uses machine learning to detect trends and chart patterns. It offers a range of features to help traders do technical analysis.

The platform is known for its accuracy and ease of use. You can use TrendSpider to analyze stocks, currencies, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

It offers features like candlestick, hollow candles, and bar charts, as well as automated trendline analysis, candlestick pattern recognition, and Fibonacci retracements.

TrendSpider also offers real-time stock charts and historical data, plus a wide range of indicators for technical analysis.

Try TrendSpider today and see how it can help you spot and exploit intra-day stock market trends faster.

Key Features of TrendSpider

With over 40 indicators available, including moving averages, Bollinger Bands, parabolic SAR, RSI, MACD and stochastics, the platform allows for quick analysis.

It boasts automated trendline analysis and heatmap features to identify support and resistance levels faster.

Multi-timeframe analysis provides a holistic view of market trends and patterns while multi-symbol view lets you view multiple charts simultaneously.

Automated Fibonacci retracements identify important inflection points based on Fibonacci levels.

Its Raindrop Charts offer unique volume profile information. With these features, you can spot and exploit intra-day stock market trends faster.

TrendSpider is suitable for active traders, early adopters, advanced traders, and technical analysts.

Who is TrendSpider Best For?

TrendSpider is ideal for both experienced and novice traders alike.

For those just starting out, the platform offers an intuitive interface and comprehensive educational resources to help navigate its features.

Advanced traders will appreciate the powerful tools, such as the Raindrop chart and automated trendline analysis.

The platform is also suitable for active traders, early adopters, and technical analysts who need to quickly spot and exploit intra-day stock market trends.

The advanced features of TrendSpider, including automated heatmap and multi-timeframe analysis, are also beneficial for those looking for a holistic view of market trends and patterns.

With its comprehensive features and affordability, TrendSpider is an ideal choice for traders of all experience levels.

Use Cases for TrendSpider

Often, traders use TrendSpider to quickly spot and exploit intra-day stock market trends. It also adds powerful tools like the Raindrop chart to their trading arsenal.

The platform is suitable for active traders, early adopters, advanced traders, and technical analysts.

It empowers them with advanced tools for efficient data assessment and strategic insights.

Traders can leverage automated trendline analysis, automated heatmaps, multi-timeframe analysis, and multi-symbol view to gain a holistic view of the market.

With the Raindrop chart, traders can gain volume profile information. Other tools, such as Fibonacci retracements, can help identify important inflection points.

With TrendSpider, traders can make smarter, faster trading decisions.


It provides an intuitive interface designed for beginners and experienced traders alike.

With its automated trendline analysis, heatmap, and Raindrop chart, traders can spot and exploit intra-day stock market trends faster.

It also has powerful tools for technical analysis like Fibonacci retracements. The platform offers real-time data and historical data, as well as comprehensive educational resources.

It has pre-built watchlists and the ability to create custom ones.

TrendSpider is suitable for active traders, early adopters, advanced traders, and technical analysts, making it an ideal platform for all types of traders.

  • Intuitive interface for all traders
  • Automated trendline analysis
  • Heatmap and Raindrop chart
  • Fibonacci retracements
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Pre-built and custom watchlists
  • Suitable for all trader types


One drawback is the lack of bond data and direct broker integration. This can make it difficult for traders who need to access this type of data.

Another con is that the interface is complex and may be overwhelming for inexperienced traders.

Some tools may be difficult to use since there isn’t a lot of explanation for the various chart patterns.

  • Lack of bond data and broker integration
  • Intimidating interface for inexperienced traders
  • Overwhelming for new traders
  • Little guidance on chart patterns

Alternatives to TrendSpider

Often overlooked as an option for technical traders, there are several alternatives to TrendSpider worth considering.

For example, TradeStation is an all-in-one platform suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It offers a wide range of tools including charting, data analysis, and automated trading.

Another alternative is TradingView, which has a more user-friendly interface and is suitable for traders of all levels.

It offers advanced charting tools and a large community of other traders for discussion.

MetaStock is a powerful platform with a large number of tools and indicators. It’s ideal for experienced traders and those who want to customize their trading strategies.

Each of these alternatives offers its own advantages, so it’s important to find the one that best suits your needs.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, TrendSpider is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for traders of all levels.

From automated trendline analysis and heatmaps to multi-timeframe analysis and Fibonacci retracements, users have access to an extensive array of features that can help enhance their trading performance.

The platform is suitable for both day and swing traders, and provides a comprehensive suite of educational resources to help traders make the most of the platform’s capabilities.

The pricing is fair considering the features offered, and the 7-day free trial makes it easy to try out the software before committing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure Is the Trendspider Platform?

TrendSpider is a secure platform, offering features like real-time data encryption and two-factor authentication. It also provides comprehensive tools to help protect your accounts from potential threats.

Does Trendspider Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, TrendSpider offers a 7-day free trial. Give it a try and see how it can help you spot and exploit intra-day stock market trends faster.

What Types of Orders Can I Place With Trendspider?

You can place limit, market, stop, and trailing stop orders with TrendSpider. You can also set up alerts and automated trades based on price or indicator triggers.

What Type of Customer Support Does Trendspider Provide?

TrendSpider provides customer support via phone, live chat, Twitter, and email. Get help quickly and easily with whatever you need.

What Is the Cost of the Elite Plus Plan?

The Elite Plus plan costs $179 per month, or you can save 50% with an annual prepaid rate of $67.50 per month.

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