Voxal Voice Changer – Real-Time Voice Changing Software Review


You’re here because you’re curious about Voxal Voice Changer, right? Well, you’re in the right place!

We’re about to take a deep dive into this nifty voice-modifying software that’ll let you sound like anything from an alien to a different version of you.

We’ll explore its features, compatibility, ease of use, and even look at alternatives. So sit tight, and let’s discover if Voxal Voice Changer is the perfect fit for your voice-changing needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Voxal Voice Changer is a popular voice-changing tool for gamers and Discord users.
  • It offers a wide range of voice effects, including robot, girl, boy, alien, atmospheric, and echo.
  • Voxal Voice Changer is compatible with various apps that require a microphone, such as Skype, Discord, and Zoom.
  • The software allows users to modify their voice in real-time and provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

What is Voxal Voice Changer?

Let’s dive into understanding Voxal Voice Changer, a real-time voice changing software developed by NCH Software.

Designed to elevate your gaming or prank calling experiences, this software allows you to change your voice in real-time, offering a variety of effects including alien, girl, boy, robot, atmospheric, and echo.

The beauty of Voxal lies in its compatibility, as it’s designed to work with any application that uses a microphone.

You’re not just stuck with preset voices either; you can create custom voice effects, catering to your specific needs.

With added features like assigning hotkeys for easy voice switching, Voxal really steps up the game in voice changing software.

Don’t be afraid to try it out, whether for fun, anonymity, or professional voice-over work.

Key Features of Voxal Voice Changer

While you’re exploring the capabilities of Voxal Voice Changer, you’ll notice a multitude of impressive features that make it stand out.

Its vast library of voice effects enables you to transform your voice in real-time, whether you want to sound like a robot, a child, an alien, or anything else.

You’re not just limited to the pre-made options, you can create custom voice effects with ease. It supports apps like Skype, Discord, and Zoom, making it perfect for gamers and remote workers.

The user-friendly interface and easy setup process mean you’ll be changing your voice in no time.

Its compatibility with Windows and Mac systems ensures that you can use Voxal Voice Changer on your preferred device.

Who is Voxal Voice Changer Best For?

If you’re a gamer, a content creator, or someone who often uses voice chat in applications like Discord or Skype, Voxal Voice Changer could be the ideal tool for you.

It’s perfect for those who want to add a twist to their online interactions, making them more entertaining and engaging.

The software is also beneficial for voice actors and podcasters who need versatile and dynamic voice effects.

If you’re a prankster, you’ll love how Voxal helps you conceal your identity while pulling off your pranks.

Essentially, anyone needing a wide range of voice effects in real-time can benefit from Voxal Voice Changer.

So, whether for professional use or just for fun, Voxal can be your go-to voice changing software.

Use Cases for Voxal Voice Changer

In your endeavor to add a creative edge to your online interactions, Voxal Voice Changer can be employed in a variety of scenarios.

If you’re a gamer, use it to create immersive characters or to disguise your voice during live streams.

It’s also a great tool for podcasters and content creators to add depth to their stories or to mimic different characters.

For professionals, it can be used during video conferences to make presentations more engaging. If you’re into pranks, you can use it to have fun with your friends on VoIP calls.

Voice-over artists can leverage it to experiment with various voices without straining their vocal cords.


Diving right into the pros, you’ll find that Voxal Voice Changer offers a plethora of benefits to enhance your voice-changing experience.

It works with any app on your PC, adding versatility to its usage.

The real-time voice changing feature is a standout, allowing you to tweak your voice instantly. This can provide a layer of anonymity in meetings, gaming sessions, or even on prank calls.

The software also offers a wide range of voice effects, from sounding like an alien to mimicking a robot. If you’re feeling creative, you can customize your own voice effects.

Voxal uses low CPU, ensuring a smooth operation that doesn’t hamper your device’s performance. To cap it off, the software is user-friendly, making voice modulation a breeze, even for beginners.

  • Works with any PC app for versatility.
  • Real-time voice changing feature for anonymity.
  • Wide range of unique voice effects.
  • Customizable voice effects for creativity.
  • Low CPU usage for smooth operation.
  • User-friendly software, ideal for beginners.


Despite its many benefits, you might find some downsides to using Voxal Voice Changer.

One of the main drawbacks is its compatibility. It’s not available for mobile devices, limiting its use to PC only.

The user interface can also be a bit difficult to navigate for beginners. It may take some time to get used to the software and understand all the features.

Also, while Voxal Voice Changer offers a free version, some features are locked behind a paywall. You’ll have to purchase the full version to access all the voice effects and advanced settings.

Some users have reported that the voice effects don’t always sound natural or realistic, which could be a concern if you’re aiming for a professional sound.

  • Voxal Voice Changer isn’t mobile compatible.
  • Interface may confuse beginners.
  • Understanding features can take time.
  • Free version lacks all features.
  • Full version requires purchase.
  • Voice effects may sound unnatural.

Alternatives to Voxal Voice Changer

If you’re not completely sold on Voxal Voice Changer, don’t worry, there’s a plethora of alternative voice-changing software options available for you to explore.

One such alternative is Clownfish Voice Changer, a versatile tool that operates system-wide and supports various applications.

SoundBot is another free AI voice-changing tool that offers over 125 voice filters and 200+ voice memes for gaming, online calls, and video creation.

If you’re looking for advanced features, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond might be your go-to, offering both real-time and offline voice modification.

MorphVOX and Voicemod are other noteworthy alternatives, each offering unique sets of features and customization options.

Ultimately, the best alternative depends on your specific needs and preferences.

  • Clownfish Voice Changer
  • SoundBot
  • AV Voice Changer Software Diamond
  • MorphVOX
  • Voicemod

Final Verdict

When you weigh up the pros and cons, it’s clear that Voxal Voice Changer stands out as a robust, user-friendly voice-changing software.

It’s comprehensive in terms of voice effects and compatible with a variety of applications.

However, you might run into a few limitations with the free version. The absence of a mobile app and the slightly complex interface for beginners might be a deterrent for some.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Voxal Voice Changer Compare to Other Voice Changing Software in Terms of Quality and Realism of Voice Effects?

You’ll find Voxal Voice Changer holds up well against other software, providing a variety of realistic voice effects. However, it’s subjective and depends on your specific needs and the quality you’re seeking in a voice changer.

Can Voxal Voice Changer Be Used in a Professional Setting, Like for Voice-Over Artists or Podcasters?

Yes, you can use Voxal Voice Changer in a professional setting. It’s great for voice-over artists or podcasters, offering a range of effects to achieve the desired voice modulation for various characters or scenarios.

What Are the System Requirements for Running Voxal Voice Changer on Your Computer?

You’ll need a Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 operating system for Voxal Voice Changer. It’s also compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or above. Ensure you’ve got a working microphone and speakers.

Is There Any Way to Test or Preview the Voice Effects Before Applying Them in Real-Time on Voxal Voice Changer?

Yes, there’s a way to preview voice effects on Voxal Voice Changer. You simply select a voice effect, then hit ‘Preview’ to hear how it’ll sound in real-time before applying it to your voice.

Does Voxal Voice Changer Offer Any Kind of Customer Support or Tutorials for Beginners?

Yes, Voxal Voice Changer offers customer support and tutorials. You’ll find helpful guides on their website. If you’ve issues, there’s also a support team you can reach out to for further assistance.

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