WPBakery – WordPress Page Builder Plugin Review


Imagine you’re an artist with a blank canvas in front of you, but instead of a brush and paints, your tools are WordPress plugins.

One of these tools, WPBakery, has been hailed as a powerful and dynamic page builder.

It promises to transform your blank canvas into a visually stunning masterpiece, even if you’re not a seasoned Picasso in website design.

But is it as user-friendly and effective as it claims to be?

Stick around as we unpack the features, benefits, and potential downsides of WPBakery, giving you the insight you need to decide if it’s the right tool for your WordPress project.

Key Takeaways

  • WPBakery Page Builder is a well-established plugin with nearly 10 years of history, boasting almost 400,000 sales and over 10,000 user reviews.
  • The plugin offers both Front End and Back End Builders, 50+ Content Elements, and an Online Template Library, making it easy to use and efficient for creating WordPress pages.
  • Pricing for WPBakery Page Builder starts at $59 for a single site, with lifetime updates and support included, offering two main plans catering to different user needs.
  • While WPBakery is praised for its user-friendly interface and time-effective design process, some users note that it may have fewer customization options compared to competitors like Divi or Elementor.

What is WPBakery?

WPBakery is a premium WordPress plugin that serves as a versatile page builder, allowing you to create dynamic and responsive web pages with ease.

It’s exceptionally popular among developers and beginners alike, boasting over 2 million active users.

You’ll appreciate its drag-and-drop front-end and back-end editor, which makes website building a breeze.

It’s not just about ease of use. WPBakery offers over 50 content elements, providing unlimited design possibilities for your site.

This plugin also works with any WordPress theme, giving you the flexibility you need. You can purchase WPBakery for a one-time fee of $59, which includes six months of support.

It’s an investment worth considering, providing a robust solution for your website building needs.

Key Features of WPBakery

Having understood what WPBakery is, let’s now explore the key features that make this plugin a powerful tool for building your website.

First off, it provides both front-end and back-end editing. This allows you to see the changes in real time or make changes in the backend, giving you complete control.

With over 50 content elements, you can create unique pages without needing to code. These elements range from text blocks, and social media buttons, to image carousels.

The plugin also features a Template Library, where you can save your designs or use pre-made templates.

WPBakery boasts compatibility with almost any WordPress theme, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your site design.

These robust features make WPBakery a versatile tool in website creation.

Who is WPBakery Best For?

If you’re in the market for an intuitive, feature-rich WordPress page builder, WPBakery could be a great fit for you.

It’s ideal for both beginners and seasoned developers owing to its easy-to-use interface and advanced customization features.

WPBakery is perfect if you’re looking to create professional, visually appealing websites without needing to delve into complex coding.

It’s also beneficial for businesses, as it’s compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to easily set up and manage an online store.

Freelancers will appreciate the extended license, offering the ability to use it on multiple sites.

If you’re a theme developer, you’ll find WPBakery’s compatibility with most WordPress themes advantageous.

Use Cases for WPBakery

Now that we’ve explored who can benefit most from using WPBakery, let’s dive into specific scenarios where this powerful page builder shines.

Are you a blogger? WPBakery’s ready-to-use templates and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality simplify content creation.

Perhaps you’re an e-commerce store owner? WPBakery supports WooCommerce integration, making it easy to design and manage your online store.

If you’re a freelance developer, you’ll appreciate WPBakery’s advanced customization options and compatibility with various themes.

Similarly, agencies can use WPBakery to quickly deliver tailored solutions to clients.

For educators and non-profit organizations, WPBakery’s simple interface and cost-effectiveness are a boon.

With WPBakery, regardless of your role or industry, creating professional, engaging WordPress sites becomes a breeze.


Delving into the pros, you’ll find WPBakery shines with its user-friendly interface, extensive template library, and robust customization options.

Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy even for beginners to design impressive pages.

You’ll appreciate the vast array of pre-designed templates that can be customized to suit your unique needs.

WPBakery offers advanced features like grid layouts and compatibility with WooCommerce, enhancing your site’s functionality.

The plugin also supports third-party extensions and add-ons, providing even more room for customization. With its mobile responsiveness, your site’s SEO is optimized for better ranking.

In terms of pricing, WPBakery is competitively priced. It offers regular updates and comes bundled with premium themes, giving you real value for your money.

  • User-friendly interface with WPBakery.
  • Extensive template library offered.
  • Robust customization options available.
  • Features grid layouts, WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Supports third-party extensions, add-ons.
  • Optimizes SEO with mobile responsiveness.
  • Competitively priced with premium themes.


Despite its numerous advantages, there are a few downsides to using WPBakery that you should consider.

The plugin can be slightly overwhelming for beginners due to its extensive features. There’s a learning curve involved before you can effectively use all its functionalities.

It’s not the fastest builder around. Some users report slower page load times, which could harm your SEO efforts.

WPBakery also locks you in, meaning if you deactivate the plugin, you’ll lose your content formatting.

While it has a one-time pricing model, $59 might seem steep for some, especially when other quality page builders are available for less.

  • WPBakery can overwhelm beginners.
  • Extensive features require learning curve.
  • Not the fastest page builder.
  • Slower load times harm SEO.
  • Deactivating plugin loses formatting.
  • One-time pricing model is $59.

Alternatives to WPBakery

While considering these drawbacks, you might want to explore other page builders as alternatives to WPBakery.

Elementor, for instance, offers a more intuitive interface and a wider range of templates. It’s also free for basic use, with premium features available at a reasonable price.

Beaver Builder is another great option, especially if you’re looking for a builder that’s easy to use yet powerful. It’s a bit pricier, but it comes with excellent customer support.

Divi Builder, on the other hand, is suited for advanced users with its extensive customization options.

Lastly, Brizy and Visual Composer are notable for their user-friendly features and affordable pricing. Each has its pros and cons, so it’s important to identify your specific needs before choosing.

  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi Builder
  • Brizy
  • Visual Composer

Final Verdict

After considering all the features, pros, cons, and alternatives, it’s time for you to decide if WPBakery is the right page builder for your WordPress site.

Its easy-to-use interface, extensive library of elements, and compatibility with various themes make it a strong contender.

However, bear in mind its potential impact on your site’s loading speed and the learning curve for new users.

If you’re looking for a one-time investment with lifetime updates, WPBakery’s pricing model is quite appealing.

Your specific needs and budget should dictate your choice. Compare it with other builders like Elementor and Divi before making a decision.

All in all, WPBakery is a solid, reliable option for both beginners and seasoned WordPress users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Customer Support Does Wpbakery Offer to Its Users?

You’ll find WPBakery offers comprehensive customer support. They provide six months of support with the purchase, including assistance with bugs and issues. You can also extend support to 12 months for an additional fee.

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