YAMM – AI Email Writer Review


Are you looking for an easy way to create professional emails quickly? Look no further than YAMM AI Email Writer.

This AI-powered email writing tool helps you craft emails in no time.

With YAMM, you can create personalized, engaging emails that help you build better relationships with your contacts and boost your email marketing campaigns.

Read on to learn more and find out how YAMM can help you write emails faster than ever.

What is YAMM?

So, let me introduce you to YAMM – your trusty sidekick for email personalization on steroids!

Picture this: you need to send a bunch of emails, but you want them to feel personal. YAMM swoops in and makes it a breeze.

It uses Gmail’s magic API to handle all the heavy lifting, so you can send personalized emails to a whole crew without breaking a sweat.

And the best part? YAMM lives right there in your Gmail world. It’s like it’s part of the gang, hanging out with Gmail G Suite and Google Sheets.

You can pull in recipient data from a Google Sheets file, slap it into an email template, and boom – you’ve got personalized emails at your fingertips.

Plus, there’s a treasure trove of templates to choose from for composing your email masterpieces.

But wait, there’s more! YAMM isn’t just about sending emails, it’s also your go-to for tracking those email campaigns.

You can keep an eye on metrics like who opened your email, who clicked on your links, and if any emails bounced. It’s like having your own email campaign dashboard.

And let’s not forget about follow-ups. YAMM can automate that too. So, you can save time and make sure you’re keeping up with your prospects without lifting a finger.

In a nutshell, YAMM is like your email personalization wizard. It’s the secret to sending personalized emails to a crowd without losing your mind.

Key Features of YAMM

Alright, let’s talk turkey – YAMM is your secret weapon for sending personalized emails to a bunch of folks, and it’s a breeze to use.

Here’s the deal: you’ve got a bunch of recipient data chilling in a Google Sheets file, right? YAMM takes that data and merges it into your email template.

It’s like magic – your emails are instantly personalized, making your recipients feel extra special.

But that’s not all! YAMM comes with a whole library of templates for your bulk emailing needs.

And if you’re the creative type, you can craft custom templates in Google Docs and import them to Gmail. It’s like having your own email design studio.

Oh, and tracking your email campaigns? YAMM’s got you covered there too. You can keep tabs on who’s opening your emails, clicking links, bouncing, and even the merge status.

It’s like having your own email campaign command center.

And if you’re into email marketing, you’ll love this – YAMM plays nice with GMass, a powerful email marketing platform.

You can manage campaigns, personalize emails, and even schedule emails in advance. It’s like having a marketing superhero by your side.

In a nutshell, YAMM is like a best buddy for marketing pros who need to send bulk emails without all the hassle. It’s your shortcut to making email campaigns a walk in the park.

Who is YAMM Best For?

Wondering if YAMM is your knight in shining armor? Well, here’s the scoop: if you’re an email marketing whiz, it might just be your new BFF.

YAMM is like an email marketing paradise, especially for those who need to send personalized emails to a bunch of peeps.

It’s got this treasure trove of email templates that’ll make your campaigns pop, and it can pull recipient data from a Google Sheets file, making personalization a breeze.

But there’s more in its bag of tricks.

With YAMM, you can send emails and then keep tabs on them. You’ll know who’s opening your emails, who’s clicking on your links, and if any emails are bouncing around like a beach ball.

And if you’re all about automated follow-ups and staying on top of your email game, YAMM’s got your back. It even throws in email analytics and mobile accessibility with Gmail add-ons.

Who’s it perfect for? Well, small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, churches, clubs, and anyone who needs a trusty mail merge solution.

So, if you’re in the email marketing biz, YAMM is your go-to tool for turning ordinary emails into marketing masterpieces.

Use Cases for YAMM

Let’s talk real-life scenarios where YAMM can be your email marketing superhero.

First up, automated email marketing campaigns. YAMM makes it a cakewalk to send personalized emails to a bunch of folks.

It takes all those fiddly tasks like merging data, crafting templates, and keeping tabs on email delivery, and handles them with ease. It’s like your behind-the-scenes email marketing assistant.

And it’s not just for the big dogs – YAMM is a versatile tool that fits companies of all sizes, from the little startups to the big enterprises.

So, if you’re all about customer outreach and growing your business, YAMM is your trusty sidekick.

Now, for all you bloggers and content creators out there, YAMM can be your go-to for sending newsletters to your loyal subscribers or spreading the word about your latest posts.

It’s like having a direct line to your audience.

And don’t forget the sales teams! YAMM can help nurture leads with personalized emails and keep track of performance with some nifty analytics.

It’s like having a crystal ball to see what’s working and what’s not.

With YAMM, you can send the right emails to the right people at the right time, all on autopilot. It’s like a shortcut to maximizing your ROI (Return On Investment).

So whether you’re a business pro, a content creator, or a sales whiz, YAMM has your back in the email marketing game.


Alright, let’s dive into the good stuff about YAMM – it’s like your email marketing genie granting your wishes!

First up, we’ve got those automated email campaigns. YAMM makes it a walk in the park to send out personalized emails to a bunch of prospects. You can kick back and watch the magic happen.

And tracking? YAMM’s got your back there too. You’ll know who’s opening your emails, clicking on your links, and if any emails are bouncing around.

It’s like having your very own email campaign command center.

Oh, and there’s a neat trick up its sleeve. YAMM lets you bypass those pesky Gmail sending limits by teaming up with third-party services like SendGrid.

So, you’re not held back by any email sending restrictions.

Plus, with its treasure trove of templates and nifty email analytics, it’s a match made in heaven for email marketing professionals. It’s like having a full toolkit right at your fingertips.

In a nutshell, YAMM is your go-to tool for streamlining your email campaigns. It’s like having an email marketing pro by your side, helping you make a real impact.

  • Enjoy seamless personalization with YAMM
  • Access advanced analytics for campaign tracking
  • Create unlimited email campaigns with YAMM
  • Track performance metrics like open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and merge status
  • Bypass Gmail sending limits by integrating with third-party services like SendGrid
  • Automate follow-ups and harness powerful email personalization
  • Utilize YAMM’s template library for efficient email marketing


Now, let’s get real – while YAMM is awesome in many ways, there are a couple of quirks you should know about.

First, email tracking. It’s got some pretty cool features, but let’s face it, it can be a bit like deciphering a secret code.

The records are only kept for the past ten days, and you need to flip the tracking switch right at the start of your mail merge.

Plus, campaign stats are squirreled away in individual Google Sheets, making it a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to track all your analytics.

And here’s a bummer – if you’re a mobile user, you might feel left out in the cold. YAMM doesn’t come with a mobile app for tracking emails on the go, so you’re kind of stuck at your desk.

Now, if you were hoping to skip Gmail’s sending limits with some third-party magic, YAMM might not be your wizard.

It doesn’t play nice with third-party apps to bypass those Gmail limits, and Gmail’s sending quotas are pretty low for large email campaigns.

So, you might feel like you’re hitting a wall if you’re sending emails to a massive audience.

But hey, no tool is perfect, right? YAMM still packs a punch when it comes to email marketing, but you might need to do a little extra legwork to get the most out of it.

  • Email tracking can be complicated to use
  • Tracking records are stored for only the past ten days
  • Tracking must be enabled at the start of the mail merge
  • Campaign stats are stored in individual Google Sheets, making analytics complex
  • No mobile apps available for tracking emails on the go
  • Lack of integration with third-party apps to bypass Gmail sending limits
  • Low sending quotas for Gmail accounts for mass email campaigns

Alternatives to YAMM

Let’s talk about a cool alternative to YAMM that can make your email marketing game even stronger.

Hoppy Copy is an AI-driven platform that focuses on email marketing copywriting. Its aim is to save time while boosting conversion rates.

Luup, another AI-powered tool, is created to enable quick production of marketing emails. It features an easy-to-use editor that lets users craft high-quality marketing emails with ease.

Moosend’s Generative AI is a robust tool designed to transform your approach to email marketing tasks.

  • Hoppy Copy
  • Luup
  • Moosend’s Generative AI

Final Verdict

To wrap things up, YAMM is like your trusty sidekick for email writing and merging.

It’s all about that smooth integration with Gmail, Gmail G Suite, and Google Sheets. So, if you’re into sending personalized email campaigns, it’s a champ at making your life easier.

Picture this: you’ve got a bunch of recipient data hanging out in Google Sheets. YAMM swoops in, takes that data, and combines it with your email template.

It’s like mixing magic ingredients to create personalized emails for a crowd. Plus, it’s got this treasure chest of templates that’ll make bulk email writing a breeze.

And when it comes to tracking, YAMM is your go-to expert.

You’ll get all the juicy details on your email campaign performance, from who’s opening your emails to who’s clicking on what. It’s like having a crystal ball to see what’s working and what’s not.

Oh, and let’s not forget the automation part. YAMM can handle those follow-ups and whip up personalized emails like a pro, saving you precious time.

It’s like having your own email communication wizard.

So, if you’re all about making your email game super efficient and effective, YAMM is your trusty tool to make it happen. It’s like having an email marketing genie at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does YAMM Cost?

YAMM offers a range of pricing plans to suit individual and team needs, including Basic, Premium, G Suite Individual, and Enterprise/Enterprise+ plans.

Is YAMM Easy to Use?

Yes, YAMM is easy to use. It integrates with Gmail and Google Sheets, and offers an extensive template library and personalized emails. It also allows tracking email campaigns with metrics like open rate and click-through rate.

Does YAMM Have Any Integration Capabilities?

Yes, YAMM has integration capabilities. It integrates with Gmail G Suite and Google Sheets, and you can import custom templates from Google Docs to Gmail. It also offers integration with third-party services like SendGrid to bypass Gmail sending limits.

Are There Any Security Measures in Place for Yamm?

Yes, YAMM has multiple security measures in place to protect your data. It uses encryption and secure protocols to ensure your emails are sent safely. It also has an optional two-factor authentication for added protection.

Does YAMM Have Any Mobile Apps?

No, YAMM does not have any mobile apps. You can access it from any Android device using the Gmail Google add-on, but it doesn’t have its own mobile app yet.

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